Final act: Martyr

by Black Path

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released July 20, 2017

Mixed and Mastered at Anthropocide Studios
Bass recorded by George Constantinou
Artwork by Virginia Kakava / Art of Sin Design


all rights reserved



Black Path Athens, Greece

“Black Path” was formed as an idea at the summer of 2009 and a few months after as a music existence. After a lot of sound and member changes, “Black Path” came to its current personal sound and line-up.


Kostas Mexis - Vocals
John "Reaper" Kaneris - Guitar
Dimosthenis Varikos - Guitar
Josh Bour - Bass
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  • Jan 31
    Athens, Greece

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Track Name: My Exile
Here comes the flood
I'm sinking underneath this
Lost sea of my mind
Under empty suns
I feel desolated

And now, all gods have failed
Annihilate all, what once ever lived must die
My memories are broken
My mind is in ruins
What once I loved is dead
Like an unfulfilled prophecy, I stand
That's my final exile

I feel like I am next, the plague will die with me
I ‘ll suffer the pain I caused to us, to them
What I've become, what have I done
A lie, a conspiracy, the masquerade

And as I pray for a new life
The answer is no
From a voice, a whisper heard
Never before

Am I the greatest of every creation
Drifting in hallucinations
Am I the chosen one, or just a big mistake
The world we see is the world we believe

Dead, my faith and my dogma
I suffocate my last breath and visit my demise
An instinct keeps me alive
This is my punishment, what I deserve

Behold, oh, thy kingdom come

The world we see is the world we believe
Like an unfulfilled prophecy, I stand
Watching over myself

I reach for the sun
All nightmares undone
I suffered my trial
Now light dies with me
An angel dares to speak
A new apocalypse begins
I see the world crumbling
I hear the bells of the end

And now, all gods have failed
Annihilate all, what once ever lived is dead
Embrace me, forsake me
Am I the messiah?
An isolated dream
An abandoned light of hope
This world, this Hell
That's my final exile

This world, this is my exile
Track Name: Blackened Requiem
Stuck in a state of mind
Where beauty dies
Where eternity rules

I am the observer
The bound witness
Of my own demise

Watching my funeral
Loathing myself

Smell my fresh despair
Hear the steps of doom
Floating in void
Falling in gloom

This blackened requiem
Distorted call from Hell

The pale horse of death, taking my soul
Chains of tar and misery, luring my ordeal

Burn the wings of heaven
and forever mute
The harp of sun

These ruins I see
Dead elements were gathering here
I saw an angel
A madman, a slender god
He blighted everything
Clenched the world in his hands
Purgatory unleashed

Wicked symphonies

A river of hopelessness, burning my skin
The grave as my home, death as my guide
It could all end with a light at the end of the tunnel
Warm, Aureate, dim
Or just eternal darkness
Track Name: The God Who Lied
In a circle of fire
I grieve and burn
Flames, wearing the night

In a circle of funeral pyres
My world is gone

In the name of deceit
I praised the false
A colossal lie
What gods deny

In a circle of fire
Cremating bullets

In a circle of funeral pyres
A declaration of war

It has begun
A sign of prosperity and a promise of fever
The future seemed bright
Words of ease, decorating the greatest lie ever told

We've built a wall
We've built a dream

A wall of failure collapsing in front of us
We had the chance to change everything and lost it all

Because of you (I can't forget)
Because of you (I can't remember)

We could have changed it all (We failed)
We could have changed it all (We lost it all)

A wall of failure collapsing in front of us
I had the change to change everything and lost it all
Track Name: Your Demise
Scorching lands, enslaved empires
Darkened skies, hidden lies
I know the truth, I see it all

Images floating towards my eyes
Hands of a new world
My testament
A sudden call to arms

The blackest crimes
A sea of terror rising
The greatest purge

A thousand times
Your words were haunting
A million souls

An Eden full of grace
A warm and peaceful home
Angels guarding this forged heaven

Covered in blood
Swallowed by swarms of flesh

Gathered around
A celebration of your fall, a slip knot made of woe
See us through bloodshot eyes
Hell blessed this war
Welcome, this is your demise

Your burning skin
Your hopes, visions of the end
Your propaganda
Injected through

Our seething veins
You lord of plagues
We were your audience
This morbid theater ends now

Manipulating an army of pawns
Pleasure for the shepherd
Strain for his sheep

A puppeteer, controlling our lives
His existence of filth
Marks upon ourselves

Betrayal and lost control
A nuclear dream feeding sick minds
Let the war begin

See us through shards of glass
Vermilion storms are coming
This is your demise

Now I know
Track Name: Frontline of Dusk
Who am I to shake these grounds
Who am I to bear the instruments of war
“You promised to fear none but yourself
You chose to change the world”

This fight is not mine
Such delirium must stop

Hideous and vile
The echoes of his mad laughter

First light
This dawn will be our last to see
Front line
Dusk fall upon us and clear our lives away

No prosperity resides where vagrancy reigns
Lavished by our fears into a fiend
Still hungry for our ambitions

Who am I to witness such madness
“You're fresh meat on this feast”

“If God exists he will have to beg for my forgiveness”


Shivers go down my spine
Ready to assault the eye that never shuts
Ready to kill the god that blocks the way to heaven

What have I done?
Track Name: Definitely Obsessed
Deeper down in my darkness, in my gilded cage
The place I reach for silence and peace
This time my mind is clear
The scent of blood is on my breath
A riddle I suffer, once more

Diamonds and chains, two visions engaged
The meaning of life, my rest is denied
Suspicion turns to hunger
For vengeance and affray
I crave
No doubt, I’m definitely obsessed

Doubts arise
My deity dies
We're the slaves of this earth

A nameless dogma
We followed a ghost
Blindfolded on a tightrope to war

The wounds on your flesh
So seductively fresh

I waited all these years, between my constant fears
I 'll give my life to get you down
This is when time will bleed, psychostasis will feed
Twisted blades in feast
Ι'll watch you kneel

I promise you’ll be fine between those gears
Servant of my dreams

I dream of your soul
Desecrated and cold
This is when time will bleed, psychostasis will feed
Twisted blades in feast

Please stop

The smell of your flesh
The temptation to kill, once more

Can't you see? I’m definitely obsessed
Track Name: The spine melody
“Nothing quite encourages as does one's first unpunished crime.
It is only by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.” *

This wretched shade I chased
Keeps calling me insane
A begging soul, a terrified child
No, I’m not insane

Sharp talons, a pair of horns
Devilish aura, a crown of thorns

What am I? What I see?
The torment must begin

In chains, suspended
I can feel nothing but madness driving my mind
The spine of our world is about to forever break

Such sound, such music
Coming out from the cracks of the earth
This spine melody, an intro, announcing the end

...of this world

I'll make an instrument out of yours and play my requiem
The blackest this world has ever heard
Until flames seize the last piece of my broken soul

“You have corrupted my imagination and inflamed my blood
You are cold, while you yourself fan flames.”
Track Name: Dethrone
Hail dismay
Eternal pain
On our way towards crucifixion

Dark days
Eleven nights
On the twelfth we'll build your grave

A new era of freedom will finally begin
Your death will be the cure to the chaos you've built

We bowed like hounds in front of a great illusion
When shadows die we'll build our reign in retribution

The final sacrifice

Dethrone the scythe that harvests our sorrows
Toss it on the well of impending doom

“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.” **

Rush towards you
Lurking through the void in silence
Crawling behind your shade
Destroy the image of your fake creations

Erasing you forever
Cast out to the lake of fire
It's too late to seek for salvation
But mark our graves with our biggest mistake
Track Name: March of Silence
Suffocating tears, the morning never came
Will I ever belong in my grave
Now who is to blame, I'm turning insane
Is there life in death or the horizon is a hollow mouth
Void seeking sacrifice

“If I am mad it’s mercy! May the gods pity the man who in his callousness can remain sane to the hideous end!” **
We all crawled – crept naked towards impending doom
We’re born to die

“Remember that everything is forgotten”
“Never Explain Anything” **

The march of silence
March of solitude
The silent fall

Summon the dead parade
“Either kill me or take me as I am,
because I'll be damned if I ever change.” *

We lost everything we left behind

God damn Avel
God damn Cain
For we will never be free

What if these monuments forever bleed
We drown in failure, forever seized

“To judge from the notions expounded by theologians, one must conclude that God created most men simply with a view to crowding hell.” *

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